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Boost Your Natural Testosterone


Despite all of the pharmaceutical drugs that are out there to treat low testosterone levels, the “one size fits all” approach does not work. Testosterone is only one of many vital hormones that the body has to have in balance. If you just take testosterone by itself it can actually backfire by causing your body to think that the testicles no longer need to make testosterone because it is coming from outside the body’s natural functions. This can lead to a shrinking of the testicles and other very detrimental side effects, one of the worst being dependent on the prescription drugs.

If your physician only pushes pharmaceuticals and will not consider more holistic or supplemental treatments for your low T, you may want to look for someone who is willing to give a more natural approach a try. There are plenty of natural hormone replacements your doctor can try and these are easier on your body and work with your body to get it producing testosterone again, rather than taking over the production totally.

In addition, there are three basic lifestyle changes that will
also help you boost testosterone production safely and naturally.

#1 – Watch Your Waist

Low testosterone causesGaining weight can rob your body of testosterone and that comes as a shock to many. The best way to help keep the pounds off is by focusing on nutritious whole foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, lean cuts of meat, good fats, beans, and lots of herbs. Do all that you can to stay away from processed or fast foods, as the levels of sugar, fat, and salt in them are sky high and make weight loss more difficult. Maintaining a regular workout schedule also helps. It actually helps in two ways 1) working out can obviously help keep the pounds off, but 2) working out also increases our t levels (especially lifting weight, the heavier the better).

#2 – Get the Right Nutrients

natural testosterone boostersIf you have been diagnosed with low T, a great vitamin supplement to start with is vitamin D3. Some studies have shown that D3 might be able to raise testosterone levels. As an added bonus, this vitamin also helps with fatigue, depression, and muscle loss – symptoms that are also associated with a drop in testosterone. As with any new supplement or medication, follow all labels and talk to your doctor before starting any supplements, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions.

#3 – Stress Less

Chronic stress is actually one of the most common reasons for testosterone loss. To help keep stress at bay and to keep it from controlling your life, you could look into some of the tried-and-true solutions that have been used for decades to battle stress. Deep breathing, meditation, yoga, and moderate exercise are all great stress relievers. Many men who suffer from low T end up running to their favorite hobbies as a way of reducing stress by getting out into the work shed, tinkering on the car, working in the yard, or going to the park with the kids. There are many ways that you can get your mind off the stress and start rebuilding your testosterone levels naturally.


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